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Chem-Dry of Maple Hill:


Chem-Dry of Maple Hill has been doing business with Mark Peterson for over 30 years now. Mark has always been very pleasant to deal with. He is very patient and willing to help put together an effective ad for your business. He stays on top of things and lets you know when deadlines are coming and when the product is mailed out. He is doing a lot online now which makes it easier for some clients yet he still also communicates the old fashioned way if that is what the client prefers.

His product has varied some over the years and I do believe that his Premier Chicagoland format is the best most effective program yet. I believe the format is very visually appealing and it does not take long to flip through as well. I know, as a consumer, there are many envelopes full of coupons that I never even open. We know when it comes out because the phone starts ringing. People also manage to hang on to the coupons because we continue to receive them right up until the expiration date.

Most of all Mark appreciates his customers. He constantly lets us know how much our business means to him and he is always willing to hear about how he can more effectively serve his clients. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (630) 983-6930.

Jim O’Connell
Chem-Dry of Maple Hill